NBN – Fibre to the Node (FTTN)

Fibre to the Node technology has been around for a few years now.  NBN Co has provided the fttn service to connect millions of Australians to a higher speed internet service which is an upgrade of speed from the old adsl service. In most cases fibre to the node has provided a speed increase to the end user to allow streaming with netflix, youtube and allow multiple downloads or devices share the internet at the same time.

The FTTN service connects your home with the node in the street that your existing landline is wired to. If you are lucky and you are close to the node than you should receive the faster internet speed. For some end users the node may by much further away so the speed improvement may not be as noticeable. Most common plans for fttn technology are 12/1, 25/5 and the 50/20 plans offered from nbn co.

fttn - fibre to the node data cabinet

fibre to the node data cabinet